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Our solutions will equip your staff both technically and professionally to meet the challenges and opportunities of your ever-changing business environment.

Curriculum Development

In addition to offering industry-leading courseware for our standard training courses, CMC develops customized curriculum for both desktop and proprietary software. 

CMC’s Technical Writing Services include:

o   Instructor-Led User Manuals

o   Quick Reference Guides

o   Software Documentation

o   Online Help

o   Product Launch Materials

o   Business Skills Curricula

CMC’s team of professional technical writers has the proven ability to learn rapidly and to distill complex technical information into concise, easy-to-digest concepts and procedures for a variety of software and computer platforms. 

They will develop a friendly and professional rapport with your staff and from here, develop a comprehensive understanding of your mission, work processes and software. Having logged many hours in the classroom, our writers are well-familiar with adult learning principles and the importance of not only showing how to do something, but explaining when and why. Because of their interpersonal training skills, the writers are adept at anticipating user questions, and will ask those questions of the subject matter experts so that the users will find their answers in the curriculum.


Our track record of success ensures that your curriculum will be relevant, informative, and user-friendly.    CMC also provides long-term maintenance of our products to keep abreast of system modifications and upgrades.


To discuss your curriculum development needs and/or learn more about how we can assist you please contact us.

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